Born from  the experience of our firm in the area of precision mechanics, which dates back in 1977,  MAX resolves in an easy, effective and economica! way ali the problems that arise when the cooling liquid in the machine tool wears out.
MAX is positioned in the tanks oflathes and machining centres; it expels worn-out oils and other slag (sandblasting, rust) thanks to a spinning polyurethan belt, and it channels them into a collecting container.
Connected to the compressed air diffuser, it oxygenates the circulating emulsions, in accordance with the current environmental and industrial safety laws.
It is produced in different models for:

  • height (300-600-1000 mm): for the suction from tanks of different sizes
  • width of the belt (25-50-100mm): to optimize the extraction of emulsions

  • colour, on request .

It is economical: it allows the best quality of extraction by working with a voltage between 4,5 and 6 volts only.



  • Stainless steel frame
  • Polyurethane belt width mm 25/50/100
  • Eccentric shaft for belt tension
  • Low tension planetary gearmotor in compliance with iso regulations, completely insulated and protected against humidity,dust and accidental collision.
  • 7 Adjustable speeds via potentiometer
  • Led-indicator ofmachine functioning e Can be joined to the tank edges
    (also in an inclined position) through clamps.
  • Height od suction
    mm 300/600/ 1000
  • Safety signalling
  • Council of europe mark

MAX while regenerating the cooling liquid:

    • It works along with the machine and does not add management costs nor cause the machine to stop.
    • Guarantees important savings by making working fluids last longer.
    • It slows down the process of machine wearing-out and ageing.
    • It preserves the quality of products.

    By collecting waste, MAX helps respecting current regulations:

    • It prevents hand imtation caused by contact with emulsions (decree no. 25/02 on the safety an health of workers when handling chemical products).
    • It improves the work environment by preventing noxious and unpleasant fumes (decree no. 626/94 on the safety and health in workpiaces).
    • It collects waste and enables its disposal (decree no. 22/97 on waste treatment).